Partnership with Leeds teaching hospital on reasearch

Vastmindz has created a partnership with Leeds teaching hospital, Vastmindz is a technology company specializing in AI and remote health data and vital signs from a mobile device, has announced a collaboration with Leeds Teaching Hospital to conduct additional trials on the effectiveness of its technology. The goal of the partnership is to further validate the efficacy of Vastmindz’s technology in providing high-quality care for patients remotely. The trials will involve patients from a range of specialties and will be conducted over several months. Vastmindz’s technology has already shown promising results in previous trials, and the company hopes that this collaboration with Leeds Teaching Hospital will further demonstrate the benefits of remote patient care.

Further updates on the collaboration between Vastmindz and Leeds Teaching Hospital are expected to be released in the coming months. These updates may include details on the specific specialties and conditions that will be included in the trials, as well as any initial findings on the effectiveness of the technology. Vastmindz and Leeds Teaching Hospital are both committed to improving patient care through innovative solutions, and this collaboration represents an important step forward in achieving that goal. As more information becomes available, it is likely that healthcare professionals and patients alike will be eager to learn about the progress of these trials and the potential impact of Vastmindz’s technology on remote patient care.