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A fast, affordable, and non-invasive technology that delivers real-time health insights and remote health data to empower your users and employees. Access remote patient assessments and support employee well-being through comprehensive physiological assessments. Our remote patient monitoring system is designed to enable healthier outcomes and improve overall wellness. Enhance your health and well-being offering with our remote health data platform.

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Our leading cutting edge technology is already finding favour with leading organisations from the worlds of healthcare, insurance, and business. Our solution is delivered as a SDK for integration into platforms or as "Visix" an easy to use Microsoft Teams application.

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Virtual health

Understand physiological trends and remote patient assessments


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Enhance employee wellbeing

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Deep fake, Pet Monitoring ...

Use Cases

Our all-in-one platform allows anyone to understand their physiological insights from any regular consumer technology device. Engaging your users to better understand their health will improve engagement and productivity.


Health data you can trust

Backed by scientific rigour, our tool provides insurers and employers with valuable insights into the overall health and wellbeing of their users. Our advanced algorithms help to identify potential health risks and provide actionable recommendations for improving overall wellbeing.

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