AI-Powered Remote Health Monitoring for Comprehensive Digital Health Screening

Get real-time health insights and physiological assessments using a conventional video camera. Our non-invasive technology is a video-based vital signs monitoring App/SDK that uses PPG technology to empower your users and employees with comprehensive health data.

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Our leading cutting edge technology is already finding favour with leading organisations from the worlds of healthcare, insurance, and business. Our solution is delivered as a SDK for integration into platforms or as "Visix" an easy to use Microsoft Teams application.

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Use Cases

Our all-in-one platform allows anyone to understand their physiological insights from any regular consumer technology device. Engaging your users to better understand their health will improve engagement and productivity.


Health data you can trust

Backed by scientific rigour, our tool provides insurers and employers with valuable insights into the overall health and wellbeing of their users. Our advanced algorithms help to identify potential health risks and provide actionable recommendations for improving overall wellbeing.


Trusted by Leading Healthcare, Insurance, and Business Organizations

Our SDK is designed for seamless integration into your platform or as "Visix," an easy-to-use Microsoft Teams Health application. Our physiological assessment platform allows anyone to understand their vital signs from any consumer technology device, providing accurate and reliable remote health monitoring.


Remote Health Monitoring for Better Outcomes and Improved Wellness

Our advanced algorithms help identify potential health risks and provide actionable recommendations for enhancing overall wellness. With remote health monitoring systems and platforms, you can access comprehensive physiological assessments and provide remote patient monitoring that enables healthier outcomes.

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Enhance Employee Wellness with Visix

Our employee wellness tool, Visix, is directly integrated into Microsoft Teams, providing remote monitoring of vital signs without the need for additional devices. With instant feedback and results, employees can improve their productivity and awareness around health and wellbeing.

Use Cases

How our technology can be used

At Vastmindz, we are transforming healthcare with AI-powered remote patient monitoring for different industries and use cases. We deliver our solution as a SDK or Microsoft teams Application called 'Visix"

Empower your healthcare platform with our SDK for remote vital signs monitoring. By integrating our technology, you can provide healthcare professionals with real-time access to essential health parameters such as heart rate, respiration rat and blood oxygen levels. Enhance patient care with continuous and non-invasive contactless health tracking, allowing healthcare providers to make informed decisions.

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Enhance your telemedicine capability with the seamless integration of our SDK. Our remote PPG technology provides a contactless vital signs capturing capability to your platform , enabling healthcare professionals to assess patient health even from a distance. Telemedicine providers can offer a more comprehensive and accurate virtual consultation experience, increasing patient satisfaction and trust in remote healthcare services

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Modernise your insurance offering with our SDK, the cutting-edge technology for remote vital sign monitoring. By incorporating our SDK into your underwriting process, you can efficiently assess policyholders' health and wellness while providing personalized, data-driven insights to promote healthier lifestyles. This innovative approach to health tracking enables insurers to mitigate risks, streamline underwriting processes, and ultimately, reduce claim costs. Differentiate your insurance services with our SDK and lead the way in digital health transformation.

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Improve your company's wellness efforts withfor Microsoft Teams, a cutting-edge solution that's available as a Health App in Microsoft Teams. With Visix, your employees can easily track and manage their health and well-being directly within Microsoft Teams. Employers can offer a hassle-free and convenient way for employees to monitor their vital signs, all from within the Teams platform. By using Visix as part of your corporate wellness strategy, you can empower your workforce with personalized health insights, leading to increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, and higher job satisfaction. This powerful solution can have a long-lasting positive impact on your organization's overall well-being.

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Real-time vital signs monitoring from mobile

With advanced algorithms and remote photoplethysmography technology, the mobile camera captures vital signs data such as heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood pressure in real-time.

Non-invasive, user-friendly health tracking

Using remote health tracking offers a convenient method of monitoring health data from a mobile , allowing early detection of potential health issues, and better health outcomes.

Data-driven insights, for clear decisions

By analyzing relevant data such as BPM, Stress Levels, and HRV, users can gain a clearer understanding of their health status and make more confident choices regarding their well-being.

Scalable & seamless integration

Our solution offers easy deployment,  quick implementation and widespread adoption of a remote health monitoring increasing efficiency and cost savings for healthcare providers.

Learn who we are

The team at Vastmindz comprises of experts in AI, Open AI and scientists who possess extensive knowledge and experience in various aspects of artificial intelligence and machine learning.


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