Remote Health Monitoring & Camera Based Digital Health Screening at scale

Get real-time health data remotely using our camera based digital health screening tool. Our non-invasive technology is a video-based vital signs monitoring App/SDK that uses PPG technology to remotely assess the health and wellness of users at scale.

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Use Cases

Camera based Remote Health Monitoring

At Vastmindz, we are transforming healthcare with AI-powered camera based health screening and remote health monitoring for different industries and use cases. We deliver our solution as a SDK or a ‍Microsoft teams Application called ‘Visix’.

Healthcare Platforms

Enable camera based health screening for your healthcare platform with our SDK for remote vital signs monitoring. By integrating our technology, you can provide healthcare professionals with real-time access to essential health parameters such as heart rate, respiration rate and blood oxygen levels. Enhance patient care with continuous and non-invasive contactless health tracking, allowing healthcare providers to make informed decisions.


Telemedicine Providers

Enhance your telemedicine capability with the seamless integration of our camera based health screening SDK. Our remote PPG technology provides a contactless vital signs capturing capability to your platform , enabling healthcare professionals to assess patient health from a distance. Telemedicine providers can offer a more comprehensive and accurate virtual consultation experience, increasing patient satisfaction and trust in remote healthcare services.


Insurance Companies

Modernise your insurance offering with our SDK, the cutting-edge technology for health underwriting using a mobile phone camera. By incorporating our SDK into your underwriting process, you can efficiently assess policyholders’ health and wellness while providing personalized, data-driven insights to promote healthier lifestyles. This innovative approach to health tracking enables insurers to mitigate risks, streamline underwriting processes, and ultimately, reduce claim costs. Differentiate your insurance services with our SDK and lead the way in digital health transformation.


Visix for Corporate Wellness Programs

Improve your company’s wellness efforts with, a cutting-edge solution that’s available as a Health App in Microsoft Teams. With Visix, your employees can easily track and manage their health and well-being directly within Microsoft Teams. Employers can offer a hassle-free and convenient way for employees to monitor their vital signs, all from within the Teams platform. By using Visix as part of your corporate wellness strategy, you can empower your workforce with personalized health insights, leading to increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, and higher job satisfaction. This powerful solution can have a long-lasting positive impact on your organization’s overall well-being.

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Real-time vital signs monitoring from mobile

With advanced algorithms and remote photoplethysmography technology, the mobile camera captures vital signs data such as heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood pressure in real-time.

Non-invasive, user-friendly health tracking

Using remote health tracking offers a convenient method of monitoring health data from a mobile , allowing early detection of potential health issues, and better health outcomes.

Data-driven insights, for clear decisions

By analyzing relevant data such as BPM, Stress Levels, and HRV, users can gain a clearer understanding of their health status and make more confident choices regarding their well-being.

Scalable & seamless integration

Our solution offers easy deployment, quick implementation and widespread adoption of a remote health monitoring increasing efficiency and cost savings for healthcare providers.

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The team at Vastmindz comprises of experts in AI, Open AI and scientists who possess deep knowledge and experience in various aspects of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Proud to have won Microsoft Partner of the year 2022 for startups.

Nikhil Sehgal CEO “We are so humbled and proud to have been nominated and even prouder to have won this prestigous award, thank you to all the team and everyone at Microsoft who supports us in our mission.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Vastmindz utilizes PPG technology and advanced algorithms to extract vital signs and remote health parameters, such as heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation (SpO2), blood pressure, heart rate variability (HRV), and mental stress levels. This non-invasive and user-friendly approach allows individuals to conveniently monitor their health, promoting proactive health management.

Vastmindz primarily targets various segments within the healthcare industry, offering its innovative health monitoring solutions to healthcare providers, telehealth platforms, fitness and wellness companies, care providers, insurance providers, and corporates looking for a health and wellbeing application in Microsoft Teams. By catering to a diverse clientele, Vastmindz aims to improve health management and patient care through its cutting-edge rPPG technology, enhancing overall health outcomes and promoting proactive healthcare practices.

Contactless blood pressure measurement using remote photoplethysmography (rPPG) is a non-invasive method to estimate blood pressure without physical contact. The technique relies on capturing the subtle variations in facial skin color, which are correlated with blood volume changes.When the heart contracts, it pushes blood through the arteries, causing a pulse wave. This wave leads to variations in blood volume in the microvascular network, which in turn, affects the amount of light absorbed and reflected by the skin. By using a camera or other optical sensor to capture these changes, rPPG can extract the photoplethysmographic signal.Advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques are then employed to analyze the rPPG signal, along with other factors such as heart rate and age. The relationship between these factors and blood pressure is then established allowing for continuous, non-contact blood pressure monitoring, providing real-time insights into the user’s health. This contactless approach offers a more convenient and user-friendly way of measuring blood pressure, enabling improved health monitoring and management.

Contactless health monitoring refers to the process of measuring and tracking vital health parameters without the need for physical contact with the person being monitored. This approach typically utilizes advanced technologies such as remote photoplethysmography (rPPG), computer vision, and machine learning algorithms to gather essential health data from a distance. This remote vital signs monitoring is particularly useful for telehealth platforms, healthcare providers, fitness and wellness companies, insurance providers, and corporates, as it can enhance patient care, improve health outcomes, and facilitate remote health management.

Vastmindz can extract several vital health parameters from a face scan using their advanced remote photoplethysmography (rPPG) technology and machine learning algorithms. The key parameters that can be obtained from a facial health scan include:

Heart Rate: Vastmindz measures the user’s heart rate in beats per minute (BPM) by analyzing subtle facial color changes associated with blood flow.

Respiratory Rate: By detecting chest and shoulder movements, Vastmindz determines the user’s respiratory rate in breaths per minute.

Oxygen Saturation (SpO2): The technology estimates the user’s oxygen saturation levels by analyzing the color variations in facial skin, indicating the percentage of oxygenated hemoglobin in the blood.

Blood Pressure: Vastmindz estimates systolic and diastolic blood pressure values by analyzing the relationship between heart rate and facial color changes.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV): The technology assesses the time interval between heartbeats, providing insights into the user’s heart rate variability, an essential indicator of overall health and stress levels.

Mental Stress: By evaluating facial expressions, micro-movements, and heart rate variability, Vastmindz can estimate the user’s mental stress levels, which can impact overall health and well-being.

Vastmindz’s technology allows for a non-invasive, user-friendly, and convenient monitoring of vital health parameters, facilitating proactive health management and promoting better health outcomes.

Our solutions are sold to businesses who wish to integrate our remote vital signs and facial health screening technology into their platform as a SDK ( Software development Kit ) or direct to corporate customers who wish to provide a health and wellbeing monitoring app to their employees, which is deployed within Microsoft teams.

Vastmindz’s solution has the potential to make a significant difference in remote health monitoring due to several reasons:

Contactless and non-invasive: We eliminate the need for physical contact or any wearable devices, providing a comfortable and hassle-free experience for users while monitoring their vital signs and health parameters.

Accessibility and convenience: The solution can be integrated into various platforms, making it easily accessible for users to monitor their health from the comfort of their homes or on-the-go.

Real-time monitoring: We enable continuous tracking of health parameters, allowing for early detection of potential health issues and promoting proactive health management.

Cost-effective: The technology offers an affordable alternative to traditional devices, making remote health monitoring more accessible to a broader range of people.

Integration with telehealth platforms: Our solution can be easily integrated into telehealth platforms, enhancing patient care by providing healthcare providers with valuable real-time health data.

Improved engagement: By allowing users to actively monitor their health, Vastmindz’s solution encourages them to take greater responsibility for their well-being, leading to better health outcomes.

Data-driven insights: The use of advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques enables Vastmindz to provide valuable insights into users’ health, helping them make informed decisions about their lifestyle and medical care.

By offering a contactless, convenient, and cost-effective solution for remote health monitoring, Vastmindz has the potential to revolutionize the way people manage their health, improve patient care, and contribute to overall better health outcomes in the long run.

Vastmindz has rigorously tested their technology to ensure accuracy, reliability, and usability in various real-world scenarios. The testing process typically involves several key stages:

Data Collection: Vastmindz collects extensive datasets containing PPG signals, video recordings, and other relevant physiological data from a diverse group of participants. This data serves as the foundation for training and validating their algorithms.

Algorithm Development: Vastmindz utilizes advanced machine learning techniques and signal processing methods to develop algorithms capable of extracting vital signs and remote health parameters from the collected data.

Validation: The accuracy of Vastmindz’s algorithms is validated by comparing the results obtained from their technology to those from traditional medical-grade devices, such as blood pressure cuffs, pulse oximeters, and ECG machines. This comparison enables them to assess the performance of their technology and make necessary improvements.

Trials: Vastmindz have conducted trials to further evaluate the accuracy and reliability of their technology in real-world conditions, following standard protocols and ethical guidelines. These trials involve testing the technology on participants under varying conditions, and the results are again compared to standard medical devices.

User Testing: Vastmindz performs user testing to ensure that their technology is user-friendly, easy to integrate, and provides a seamless experience for end-users.

Continuous Improvement: As part of their commitment to delivering high-quality health monitoring solutions, Vastmindz continually refines and updates their algorithms and technology based on feedback, new research, and emerging trends in the industry.

By thoroughly testing their technology through these stages, Vastmindz ensures that their solutions are accurate, reliable, and suitable for integration into various platforms and applications. Please refer to our technology page for papers and evidence.

It is not possible to measure temperature using Remote Photoplethysmography (rPPG) technology and a mobile phone at this current time. rPPG technology can only measure vital signs such as heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood oxygen saturation by analyzing changes in blood flow in the skin captured by the camera on a mobile phone or other device. Temperature measurement requires a different type of sensor, such as a thermistor or infrared sensor, which can detect and measure changes in temperature directly. While some mobile phones do have infrared sensors for measuring temperature, these sensors are not precise or accurate enough for medical use. Therefore, traditional methods of measuring temperature, such as using a thermometer, remain the most accurate and reliable for measuring body temperature.

Vastmindz offers an AI based health screening app toolkit (SDK) that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to provide accurate and efficient health screening assessments. The health screening app utilizes sophisticated algorithms to analyze a users face without touch and generates insightful health data which includes BPM, RPM, SpO2, Stress index and Blood pressure.


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