Customer Segments

Use cases for employee wellbeing engagement, and remote health monitoring

Elevate your organization’s performance with Vastmindz’s solutions, designed to cater to various customer use cases. Experience the transformative power of our virtual health platform for employee wellbeing, remote health monitoring and insurance underwriting.


Boosting Employee Wellbeing
with AI-Driven Health Monitoring
on Microsoft Teams

Vastmindz’s AI-driven solution offers enhanced employee wellbeing engagement, and efficient remote health monitoring. Integrated seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, our cutting-edge technology empowers employees to track their health and wellness while fostering a positive work environment.

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Promotes wellness

Monitor vital signs, track health data, and set wellness goals

Microsoft Teams App

Promotes collaboration for a supportive workplace culture

Improved productivity

Easy access to health monitoring, reducing stress and increased focus

Real-time health data

Identify potential risk, take proactive steps for better health

Improve overall wellness

Reduces absenteeism, and lower company healthcare costs


Easy implementation and versatile for diverse employee populations


Remote Health Monitoring and Digital Health
Screening at Scale

Vastmindz’s AI-driven remote health monitoring technology provides a wealth of benefits to healthcare providers, users, and caregivers. By integrating our cutting-edge solutions into existing systems or apps, healthcare organizations can streamline care and improve health outcomes.

Digital health screening

Boost Health Outcomes

Continuously monitor vital signs and health data for early trend detection

Optimize Efficiency

Minimize in-person appointments with remote health monitoring

Elevate Satisfaction

Enable self management of personalized health information

Cut Costs

Reduce hospital readmissions, shorten stays

Support Caregivers

Remote health monitoring for caregivers and healthcare providers


Remote vital signs monitoring deployed globally with ease

Insurance Underwriting

Accelerated Underwriting Process for Insurers

Vastmindz’s cutting-edge AI-based health monitoring solutions offer a range of benefits for insurers looking to streamline their underwriting process, reduce risk, and ultimately enhance their overall service offerings. By leveraging our advanced technology, insurers can gain valuable insights into clients’ health and wellness indicators, leading to a more efficient and accurate underwriting process.


Enhance Risk Assessment

Remote vital signs monitoring and contactless heart rate monitor for real-time health data

Expedite Underwriting

Access accurate health data to streamline the underwriting process, shortening evaluation and approval

Data-Driven Decisions

Better-informed decisions, critical health insights, and early risk identification during underwriting

Reduce Costs

Minimize reliance on traditional medical exams and manual analysis, saving insurers money

Promote Healthy Lifestyles

Encourage clients to adopt healthier habits and proactively manage their well-being, reducing claims

Gain Competitive Edge

Stand out from competitors, with innovation and prioritizing customer health and well-being


Frequently Asked Questions

Vastmindz technology can be used in an industry where there is a requirement to help monitor the wellness of people. We have use cases in Healthcare, Insurance, Mining, Airlines, Remote Elderly monitoring and care to name a few. Please contact us if you feel there could be another use case we could explore.

Vastmindz contactless health monitoring solutions all need a camera in order to capture health data.

We offer contactless health monitoring health app based solutions that rely on a good camera feed to extract vital signs and health data from a face.


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Unlock the full potential of your organization with our comprehensive solutions tailored to various customer segments. Vastmindz virtual health platform, employee engagement health and wellness programs empower your organization to create a culture of wellbeing, foster a positive work environment, and streamline the insurance underwriting process. Embrace the future of employee engagement, remote health monitoring, and insurance underwriting transform your organization.