Contactless Health Screening

Vastmindz is pleased to announce its latest initiative in the field of remote patient care: contactless health screening. As part of our ongoing efforts to use technology to improve patient outcomes and reduce the spread of illness, we have developed a system that allows for quick and efficient health screening without the need for physical contact.

Using your phone’s camera and artificial intelligence algorithms, our contactless health screening system can detect a range of vital signs and other health indicators, such as respiration rate, oxygen saturation levels and heart rate from a video feed. This technology has already shown great promise in a variety of settings, including remote care and outpatient monitoring.

To learn more about our contactless health screening system and its potential applications, we invite you to watch our new YouTube video, which provides an overview.

At Vastmindz, we are committed to using technology to improve the lives of patients and healthcare providers alike. Contactless health screening is just one example of how we are harnessing the latest advancements in AI and machine learning to transform healthcare.