Use cases for employee wellbeing engagement, and remote health monitoring

Good health is one-step away


By tracking their physiology over time, users can gain a better understanding of their body, leading to more informed decisions and improved engagement with their health.


By quantifying and scoring health & wellness metrics, we can engage users through gamification techniques to encourage usage and motivate them to improve their metrics.

Behavioural Science

By leveraging the power of behavioural science, we can provide users with the knowledge and tools necessary to track and understand their health effectively.



Improve your customer acquisition and engagement strategy by offering policy-holders a powerful tool to help them understand their wellbeing.

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Employee wellbeing is essential to the success of your business. Our comprehensive platform provides the tools and insights you need to support your employees on their journey towards better health.

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Virtual health platforms

Enhance your remote health monitoring capabilities on your platform by allowing users to track and understand their own physiological insights over time.

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