Frequently asked questions

We get asked a lot of questions and we’ve answered most of them already here

1. What is PPG?

PPG also known as Photoplethysmography is an optical non-invasive method for measuring the blood volume changes per pulse. It effectively represents the mechanical activity of the heart.

02. What is RPPG?

RPPG or remote Photoplethysmography is a method by which a face reader can measure heart rate and heart rate variability remotely. Where PPG is mostly used with wearable devices, RPPG detects the heart rate by using light and a completely contactless method. It measures the variance of red, green, and blue light reflection changes from the skin, as the contrast between specular reflection and diffused reflection.

03. How is it possible to get these vitals from a face?

Please refer to the following article which explains the process by which vital stats can be read using RPPG.

04. Does makeup affect the readings?

No, our algorithms adjust for makeup on the face.

05. Does light affect readings?

We need normal lighting conditions for an effective reading, bright sunlight or glare affects the readings and are not recommended.

06. How does different skin tones affect readings?

We’ve done many tests with a number of different skin tones.

07. Does age make a difference?

No, our technology is agnostic to age.

08. How long does it take to get a reading?

Our readings depend on the speed of your internet connection, but on average take less than 60 seconds to perform.

09. Where is my data stored and what is stored?

We take your snap shots for processing in our secure Azure cloud, once we have extracted the vitals , all information is deleted and the only data we keep is the core vitals, time stamped with no personally identifiable information.

10. Is this a regulated device?

We create software and a service which has an intended use to provide information relating to maintaining or encouraging a general state of health. The application, information and data provided is not intended to be utilised for medical purposes and is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. We are currently building our QMS (Quality Management system) and clinical evidence for preparations to submit a version of this product with a medical intended purpose for regulatory approval at some point in the future. We are not currently UKCA/CE marked and not available in the UK Markets where the intended use would be as a medical device.

11. How accurate is this ?

Our accuracy is currently 95% against a regulated device. We performed many tests with large data sets to help our technology increase accuracy over time.

12. Does it work on any phone?

Yes, it works on any iPhone 5 and above. It also works on most Android devices with a hi-res camera.

13. What about ethnicity , can it handle readings from different groups of people?

We’ve tested our technology on a variety of ethnicities including darker skins and we believe our technology works extremely well across different skin tones.

15. How can I integrate this technology into my app?

We offer a SDK and integration options, please speak to us on how this can be integrated into your application.

16. Can Vastmindz's technology be sold to consumers?

No, we only sell our SDK (software development kit)  delivered to enterprises for health & wellness purposes, who typically integrate our SDK into their application to gather vital signs data as part of their overall offering. You cannot download our app from Google Play store or the App Store.

17. What about my privacy? Where is my data held?

We process the data in Microsoft Secure cloud servers based in Azure, and once your data is processed, we delete any PII information. Please refer to our privacy policy for further details.

18. Do we provide treatment recommendations?

No, we are not a replacement for any healthcare professional. You must seek your healthcare professional for any medical advice.

19. Can we prevent a treatment?

No we cannot, this has to be determined by your health care professional.

20. Are we FDA Approved?

No, we are building our Quality Management System and clinical evidence for preparations to submit to the FDA.