How IoT devices can be helpful for ‘remote self-monitoring’ among the elderly and vulnerable

IoT devices integrated with next generation AI solutions could be the stimulus to drive a massive boost in self-monitoring in the home; creating a more accessible and engaging way to monitor one’s wellness. Even vulnerable and elderly people who are generally reliant on others would be able to monitor themselves, providing them a certain level of independence. For example, a health evaluation for an elderly or vulnerable person could be as easy as saying, ‘Alexa, take my vital signs’. They would have access to instant vital signs data with ease, eliminating the issue of technical complexity for elderly people

Arguably the most significant advantage of this accessibility is the increased consistency of monitoring. Scans could easily be taken every day allowing for a build up of historical data, aiding with disease prevention. 

A feature we currently have [in Beta] could potentially benefit many people… Blood Pressure monitoring. According to the NHS, around 33% of people in the UK alone have high blood pressure and are not aware. Having a first line of defence essentially shows indications that an individual may be exhibiting symptoms that require treatment. IoT devices could [potentially] allow people to monitor their blood pressure level with ease in the home, removing any learning curve or public embarrassment. The outcome of this could be people monitoring themselves more consistently, in theory, aiding the prevention of cardiac diseases.

Why should companies making IoT devices adopt this?

In addition to the health and preventative benefits that can be facilitated for users via these devices, there are engagement benefits to be had as well. It’s become fashionable to monitor one’s health and fitness, rewarding users after they’ve reached their goals. This provides another level of engagement for users, incentivising companies to offer this, potentially extending the ‘screen time’ people dedicate to their device(s).

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