Transforming Health & Wellness with Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning

Whether it's through remote patient monitoring or physiological assessments, our technology is constantly learning and improving to help deliver the most accurate and up-to-date information possible.

Your Application / Your User
User holds the phone like talking  a selfie video
User with the Vastmindz application
RGB Frames Extracted & Processed
We pixelate on device reducing the data load and frames are processed using our Algorithms
Picture of the RGB Frames Extracted
Data sent in real time & Vitals extracted
The Vital data is sent back to your app in real time

In real time we extract the Vital signs that are needed

Vastmindz demo video
Cloud processing engine
All Pixel data is sent to our Azure Cloud instances for processing
Azure integration

We take privacy seriously

Privacy is a key focus for us, we ensure only pixelated data ever leaves your device, this helps protect you and helps us speed up our alogorithms.

Pixelated Data

No PII or Images leaves device


Data normalised for analysis

Protectected in Azure

Data is cloud-secured


Our advantages

We use proprietary AI technology to transform a regular consumer technology device (i.e a laptop, smartphone etc.) into a tool that can track advanced health analytics.


Gain insights in less than 40 secs


With peer-reviewed technology


Simple pricing plans

Easy Integration

We’ve done the heavy lifting


Available for IOS/Android/Web


In progress with building QMS for regulatory filing


Cloud first approach

Continuous R&D

New features coming soon


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