Leveraging Photoplethysmography: Enhancing Health Screening with Vastmindz Technology

Photoplethysmography for Health Screening


In today’s world, health screening at scale has become increasingly vital. The accessibility of smartphones opens up new possibilities for efficient and widespread screening. This blog explores the transformative potential of Vastmindz Technology in utilising Photoplethysmography (PPG) to extract vital signs from a person’s face using a smartphone’s camera.

What is Photoplethysmography?

Photoplethysmography (PPG) is a non-invasive technique that measures changes in blood volume in tissues. By utilising a smartphone’s camera and illuminating the skin, PPG can detect variations in light absorption, enabling the extraction of vital signs such as heart rate and blood oxygen saturation and more. This innovative approach offers a convenient and accessible means of health screening.

Vastmindz Technology

Vastmindz Technology harnesses the power of Photoplethysmography to revolutionise health screening. Through sophisticated algorithms and advanced signal processing, Vastmindz extracts accurate vital signs data from facial PPG signals captured by a smartphone camera. Its state-of-the-art technology ensures reliable results, enabling early detection of potential health issues and timely intervention.

Industries Benefiting from Vastmindz Technology

Insurance Industry

With Vastmindz, insurance companies can streamline their health screening processes, minimising the need for traditional medical tests in some cases. Applicants can conveniently capture their vital signs using smartphones, expediting policy issuance while reducing costs.

Wellbeing Organisations

Vastmindz Technology facilitates remote health monitoring, empowering individuals to track their vital signs regularly. This capability promotes proactive wellness management, enabling users to identify trends or anomalies and take appropriate action. See Visix , a health and wellness platform developed by Vastmindz.


Vastmindz enhances telemedicine services by enabling remote health assessments. Patients can easily capture their vital signs at home, share the data with healthcare providers, and receive virtual consultations, improving access to care and reducing unnecessary hospital visits.


Q1: How accurate is Photoplethysmography in extracting vital signs?

A1: Photoplethysmography has shown high accuracy in extracting vital signs, including heart rate and blood oxygen saturation. Vastmindz Technology utilises advanced algorithms to ensure precise measurements and reliable results. Vastmindz has performed various trials with leading medical organisations and research institutions to continually improve the accuracy of such readings. See the research.

Q2: Can anyone use Vastmindz Technology for health screening?

A2: No, Vastmindz Technology is designed to be user-friendly and accessible and designed to be sold to companies who wish to incorporate our technology (SDK) into their platforms. Visix our health and wellness platform can be used by anyone with Microsoft Teams.

Q3: Is the captured data secure and private?

A3: Vastmindz prioritises data security and privacy. The captured data is encrypted, and strict measures are in place to protect personal information. Vastmindz adheres to industry standards and complies with data protection regulations.

Q4: How can Vastmindz benefit healthcare providers?

A4: Vastmindz Technology enables healthcare providers to remotely monitor patients’ vital signs, enhancing telemedicine services and enabling timely interventions. It simplifies health assessments, reduces the need for physical visits, and improves overall patient care.


Vastmindz Technology’s utilisation of Photoplethysmography presents a groundbreaking opportunity for efficient and accessible health screening. With the ability to extract vital signs using a smartphone’s camera, Vastmindz offers scalability, convenience, and accuracy in multiple industries. By embracing this technology, organisations can revolutionise health screening, promote proactive wellness, and improve overall healthcare outcomes. Contact Vastmindz today to explore the transformative power of Photoplethysmography in your health screening initiatives.

Nikhil Sehgal

Nikhil Sehgal
Improving health & wellbeing with AI | Founder/CEO @ Vastmindz | Forbes 30 Under 30