The growing usage & benefits of Telehealth during the pandemic.

What Is Telehealth & How Is Vastmindz Revolutionising This Service?

Telehealth is providing health-related services via digital systems, such as smartphones and computers. It includes video conferencing, medical assessments, and forums for medical queries. Vastmindz is a software company that uses Artificial Intelligence to provide live data on a patient’s physiological condition. It helps in improving physicians’ remote evaluations.

Improving Safety And Convenience Simultaneously

Telehealth is a safer and more convenient way of providing care for long-distance patients who/or are unable to travel due to their condition. This method of ‘easy to access healthcare’ has generated significantgrowth in recent years, partially due to its accessibility, partially initiated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The beauty of this market is that almost everyone can get these services. As most people own a smartphone, no other technology is required.

This is also the case with Vastmindz’s solution, which only requires a camera. The Telehealth market in the US has grown exponentially. 76% of hospitals now use the service, an increase of 35% from the previous decade. The Telehealth industry is a key factor driving the reduction of COVID transmissions in the medical arena.

‘These healthcare methods can greatly reduce the mortality rates caused by the pandemic.’ Physicians can easily get the right information about their patients’ physiology with the Telehealth industry on the rise. The essence of Vastmindz is based around just this. We hope to boost this emerging market critical for people’s care. This could ensure that this relatively new market provides excellent healthcare assistance to those in need.

Unexpected Benefits of Telehealth

An unexpected benefit of remote patient monitoring is the relief it provides to the existing healthcare sector.With far fewer people physically visiting hospitals, there is less strain on staff and fewer resources are required. Obviously, this also reduces the risk of viral infection. Also, it has been a significant contributor towards slowing down the spread of Covid.

Reducing travel is a massive contributing factor in removing burdens on patients. The prospect of travel (for hours in some cases)and the elimination of this process means that patients don’t need to be put through unnecessary stress. Furthermore, Telehealth has recently been seen as a vehicle to diminish the high costs of traditional healthcare systems. Studies have examined whether there is a correlation between Telehealth and a reduction in overall operating costs. Out of 17 studies to investigate the potential cost-saving of Telehealth, nine studies concluded a cost-saving compared with conventional care.

Six studies found the method to be cost-saving after passing a workload threshold. Further 2 studies found Telehealth to be more expensive.

Our solution looks to increase the number of patients physicians can see daily. We do this by creating a more efficient and accurate screening process. It provides the first line of defence and economises the existing system.

The Future Of The Industry

Certainly, there are a lot of benefits of telehealth for patients, facilities, and doctors. However, there can be little doubt that the pandemic has been the catalyst that has enabled this exponential growth for the telehealth industry. The technology that we have developed over the last few years looks to help doctors’ decision-making process,  providing them with access to quality physiological data. The benefits of cost, time to assess and overall stress reduction during a consultation are welcome changes. We, at VastMindz, hope to contribute, using our technology and innovation to the well-needed digital transformation in healthcare now and in the future.

If you have any queries, or you want to learn more about how Vastmindz’s technology can revolutionise the healthcare sector,get in touch with us now!