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Empowering employee wellness within MS Teams

Enhance employee wellness with our engaging health & wellbeing app (launching soon) on Microsoft Teams.

Fast & Seamless

Operated via Microsoft Teams. No integration, no friction.

Empower Everyone

Visix is device, age and skin agnostic, accessed with no touch.

Simple Licensing

Purchase a set number of licenses for your team, quickly and easily.

Trend Data

Monitor changes in wellness over time, helping to prevent burnout.

Reduced Healthcare costs

Reduce employer healthcare costs through prevention.

Your data, your privacy

Your privacy is maintained and secure, designed for you.


How it works

Visix uses advanced technology to monitor a user’s health & wellbeing by tracking parts of their physiology. It does this by extracting health parameters from a camera, eliminating the need for users to use a physical or wearable to capture the same insights, all performed within Microsoft Teams.


Benefits for Employees

A solution that helps users track their physiology over time leads to improved employee wellness. It provides individuals with insights into their health and allows them to make more informed decisions about their lifestyle. It also provides organizations with data and insights into employee health, allowing for targeted interventions to promote wellness.


Benefits for Employers

There are several benefits to an employer of implementing a solution that helps employees track their physiology over time. It can provide data and insights into employee health, leading to a more productive and engaged workforce. It can also reduce absenteeism and healthcare costs, and improve the company culture and reputation. All data presented is anonymised.


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