Leading the charge in Health & Remote Health Monitoring"

A team of Medical and AI Experts who Leverage Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning  and Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

Our Mission

We aim to provide a comprehensive solution for tracking and improving user health and wellbeing. Our platform empowers users with the tools and knowledge they need to understand their physiology and make positive changes. We help clients drive improvements in productivity, engagement, and overall wellbeing. Our goal is to be a trusted partner in the journey towards better health and happiness.

Our Role

We are a leading team of AI experts and specialists in OpenAI and artificial intelligence for healthcare. Our focus is on providing innovative AI solutions that improve the lives of our clients' users. With our deep expertise in the latest AI technologies, we deliver exceptional results that drive growth and success. Contact us today to learn how our AI solutions can transform your business

Our Values

We value innovation, science, simplicity, and empowerment. These values guide everything we do and help us to provide the best possible solutions for our customers and partners.


All cloud, built for scale


A low-cost solution for wellbeing


A secure infrastructure


improving at light speed

We are a community of passionate humans making health assessments more accessible

Working with us will ensure you get the latest AI technology, agility and confidence working with a team that delivers results.

Picture of Nikhil Sehgal senior AI engineer, CEO of Vastmindz and lead developer of the AI engine for health extraction from a face.
Nikhil Sehgal
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
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Picture of Sundeep Bhandari
Sundeep Bhandari
Chief Strategic Advisor
Picture of Stephen Mackinnon
Prof. Stephen Mackinnon
Chief Medical Officer
Pavlo Vyplavin, PhD
Pavlo Vyplavin, PhD
Chief Research Scientist
Melvin Lobo
Prof. Melvin De Lobo
Specialist Medical Advisor
Luis Filipe De Deus
AI Research Scientist
Erik Bagger
Erik Bagger
Head of Business Dev
Miss Carol Cunnigham
Miss Carol Cunnigham
Medical Advisor
Dr Michelle Tempest
Dr Michelle Tempest
Chief Clinical Advisor
Troy the cutest dog ever
Chief Pet Advisor
Our Ethics
Sustainability and how we help
  • Using renewable energy sources to power our office
  • Implementing a recycling program for electronic waste
  • Offering digital products and services to reduce the need for physical products and associated packaging
  • Partnering with eco-friendly suppliers and vendors who share our commitment to sustainability

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